Why Us

Why Recruit Through Pari Overseas ?

Pari Overseas Pvt. Ltd:- a nationwide leading recruiting agency :- in a good health respected and appreciated recruiting agency is a preferred on in compare of others in the country essentially for human resource management services, the timely deployment and availability of various manpower supply to overseas countries. The respected clients(employers) have always paid their personal visits to make the final agreements so that they can scrutinize and select the workers as per their requirements and needs. The following are some reasons for recruitment through Pari Overseas Pvt. Ltd.
The Company is confident in recruiting and managing the appropriate Nepalese citizens(workers) for foreign employment. besides these, our selection committee selects the right workers using appropriate criteria sucha s work experience, academic qualification, training courses, trade tests and full medical check-up etc.
Our well experienced and skilled staff are full confident and proud of providing and rendering the needed foreign employment services both for the employers and employee at a very hight level of integrity.
The company's goal is to supply all categories of human resources to fulfill the immediate needs of the employers without any administrative or bureaucratic problems.
According to demand of the clients, the company can provide skilled, semi skilled, unskilled and professional human resources and take full responsibility of workers and their welfare as per local and international laws.
As per recruitments,, employer have the opportunities to selecting the best candidates among applicants and at the same the employees can best place or country to go with their Won needs.
A growing number of employers for overseas countries are directing their attention to Pari Overseas Pvt. Ltd., for recruitment so as to meet the increasing requirement of manpower in their countries.
The Company is authorize, honored and recognized by Government of Nepal (G0N)/Ministry of Labor & Transport Management(Dept. Of Foreign Employment). Nepal Association of foreign employment Agencies (NAFEA) for the high achievement of excellent foreign employment job providers.
This is strengthening that almost all the day, we usually receive good response from our valued employers and employees. Thus, for the above mentioned reasons, the overseas employers (Clients) have shown their keen interests to recruit Nepal workers from Pari Overseas Pvt. Ltd.



Helping to realize dreams of workers with optimum satisfaction to our reputable clients is the foundation on which Pari Overseas Pvt. Ltd. stands.


We believe that we achieve and accomplish more when we compare with self and co-operate with others.

Right Attitude

  • A distinct focus prolesS10nahism with a level of enthusiasm infused in each task that we perform.
  • To provide professional manpower from our wide range of database to meet requirements of he clients of a particular region.
  • To ensure efficient performance of the job assigned to our company to our clients.
  • To continue weaving goals and strive to fulfill and aid in the realization of the dreams of both Employees.
  • To set high standard of efficiency in providing services and solutions to our clients.
  • To be best in whatever activity we undertake.
  • To support clients In strategically managing human capital to achieve business excellence.
  • To become internationally accepted as a leading Human resource solutions provider.

Our Mission


Pari Overseas Pvt. Ltd. provides advantages, which translate into better service to you. While HR related services may also be provided by other companies, what keeps us on the front run is our clear focus on HR related services and our sincere commitment to maintain quality standards without compromise.

Our Vision

To become a company driven by hones and transparent joint ventures worldwide and a dedicated team, focused on delivering unambiguous service to its clients, thereby setting ne course in bringing a change in the social-economic status of a various country candidate and we strongly believe professional skill and work ethics employees are the assets of company

Social Responsibility

Our approach to social responsibility is driven by Global Values that determine the way in which we do business. We are committed to respect for the people, clients and community and the role of work in their lives; sharing our knowledge and expertise to develop sustainable work force practice throughout the world; and striving for excellence through Innovation to develop socially inclusive working environment for the long term.

Our Most Valuable Clients