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Before installing an MS-DOS program, you must switch to the drive or directory containing the installation files. If you’re installing a program from a CD or diskette, switch to that drive. If the installation files are located in a different directory, use the dir command to list directories and the cd command to switch directories. In the drive containing your files, locate either the executable setup (e.g., “setup.exe”) or the install file.

Installing Android 14 beta on OnePlus: Step-by-step guide, things to keep in mind and more – Gadgets Now

Installing Android 14 beta on OnePlus: Step-by-step guide, things to keep in mind and more.

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The installer displays the Locate the Repository panel. This resource provides step-by-step descriptions on how to install and run Python for Geographic Data Science from your own computer. Upon reboot, make sure to re-adjust your hardware’s BIOS to boot from its hard-drive. Make sure that your system is connected to a network with internet access, and access to port 443 is permitted by your organization’s firewall. Insert CYBONET’s software’s CD, save your settings and reboot your device.

Post-installation tasks

This prevents your overwriting files from the program downloaded first when you extract files from additional programs. If the file you downloaded is executable, double-click the file icon to start the setup process. If the downloaded file is compressed (e.g., .zip), you must extract the file’s contents before setup can begin. Fortunately, this function is built into most versions of Windows.

What is software installation guide

Run the setRepo command, using the appropriate location flags required to connect to the database. Enter one of the following commands to launch the setup interface. The ServerRepository.xml file is an encrypted file that defines how to connect to the index repository. Use one of the following procedures to configure the repository XML file. A JAR file containing a JDBC driver or a JAR file containing a JNDI InitialContextFactory .

How to install from a download

SilentSharedUninstall – Silently uninstalls an existing installation and the shared components. SilentUninstall – Silently uninstalls an existing installation without removing shared components. Once the drive is opened, find the setup or executable file, and double-click the file icon to start the setup process.

  • Stop and then restart the hardserver, as described in Stopping and restarting the hardserver .
  • It’s important to keep your software installation guide updated, otherwise, it may confuse users or not help them install software properly.
  • That’s the reason why the demarcation line between these two guides may not always be very clear.
  • Before you start the software installation, it is important to know what software network installation is.
  • To determine the steps you may need to perform before you go on, see Appendix A, Index Database Reference.

It’s important to keep your software installation guide updated, otherwise, it may confuse users or not help them install software properly. Sometimes, it is the case that members of the development team may write the software installation guide. This is generally a mistake, as developers are too close to the product and struggle to see the software from a user’s point of view. A technical writer has the skills to write an effective and engaging software installation guide while at the same time championing the experience of the user. A software installation guide is a document aimed at users of your software which helps them install, uninstall, and upgrade your software.

Set-Up Configurations

Software must be licensed to run on public, shared systems. Usually, academic licenses preclude the use of “research” or “business” applications on academic systems. Other than general security updates, new versions of existing software are not updated after the start of a semester.

What is software installation guide

This is where you need to make use of a software installation guide to enable users to properly set up your product without running into errors. Software installation guides should be reviewed and updated by the software developer or development team on a regular basis to ensure the software installation guide is up-to-date. When creating your software installation guide, don’t forget that you need the right solution to host your documentation where users can easily access it. Document360 is the answer to your needs as it is very simple and yet powerful. Both developers and non-technical users find joy in Document360, as a platform that makes it hassle-free for users to adopt its workflows.

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It informs them of the prerequisites needed to use your software and helps them troubleshoot common errors during setup. Your software installation guide may be aimed at an IT or operations department, or potentially the end users of your product. Next, you’ll need to define your workflow which includes how users are going to proceed through your guide as well as the process you will use to write your document. It’s likely that your software installation guide will be a team effort and there will be more than one technical writer involved in its production.

What is software installation guide

The software installation guide replaces the need for human intervention in installing your software. If customers are regularly reaching out to your support team to help them set up your product, this results in a heavy burden for your business and a poor user experience. The software installation guide empowers customers to get started on their own. You’ve spent lots of time developing your software product and now it’s time to distribute it to your users. But wait – how are users going to install your software product without you there to help them?

Tekla Engineering Software installation & licensing guide

Please verify that your computer meets minimum installation requirements for the model you choose to install. Instantly find the answers to all your questions about Huawei products and solutions. To obtain better user experience, upgrade the browser to the latest version.

What is software installation guide

If you are not running in an Xwindows-capable environment, follow these steps. Before beginning installation, you need to know your application license key. If you wish to assign a manual IP address, type n and hit the ENTER button.

What in an Installation Guide?

The manual, or a README file, usually contains instructions on how to install a program. Find it online at the software website or in a text file in the same directory as the installation files. You might also want to include steps to upgrade the application. The followingInstallation and Configuration Guidetemplate provides instructions for installing components on computers that are intended to support and run your product. You can use thisInstallation Guide templatewhen installing software and for the preparation, training, and conversion from existing systems. If you are upgrading software, you should do a clean installation rather than an upgrade.

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