Bookkeeping for Dentists: Hiring a Professional is a Smart Choice Bookkeeping, Controller and CFO Services

dental bookkeeping services

Very often dentists give lesser importance to the bookkeeping and accounting which later becomes a reason for financial irregularities. It is very important that the dentists have a proper dental CPA to handle all the accounting and other related activities efficiently. A proper dental bookkeeping is one of the foremost aspects for the dentist to ensure that all the financial transactions are recorded as proper places in accounting books. In order to plan efficiently, it’s critical for your accountant to review and understand your entire financial picture.

dental bookkeeping services

However, outsourcing can be costly for a small dental office. Offers a full suite of financial services that includes bookkeeping, accounting, and tax preparation. We have the expert team to help any dental business thrive, even under the current COVID-19 pandemic circumstances. We accomplish this result with a three-part system comprised of patient-experience excellence, financial focused operations, and accountability. If your dental bookkeeping is not done right, you could be making business decisions with poor and unreliable information.

Looking for help with dental bookkeeping?

But when it comes to dental bookkeeping, you’re a little less confident. DrillDown Solution helps dentists and small business owners reach the best financial position possible. Having the answers to these essential questions will enable your practice to allocate your time more effectively so your dental practice makes even greater progress.

  • You will continue to pay your own bills and run your payroll, while you get an educated, dedicated bookkeeper who keeps track of all that financial activity in your business accounts daily.
  • We strive to provide an open line of communication between our team and our dental clients.
  • For the majority of dental practices, the largest expenditure is employee payroll.
  • A proper tracking of this cost is essential to ensure that there is no unnecessary cost involved.

As a result, as part of our exceptional dental bookkeeping services, we ensure that your checkbooks are balanced every month. No, it is not; we offer dental accounting and bookkeeping services on a month-to-month basis only. Accounting services commonly provided include tax prep and consultation, expense as well as revenue tracking, and much more. Accounting is concerned with maintaining accurate financial records and efficient recordkeeping practices.

Accounting Services

If you don’t need convincing and already want our services and you simply have some housekeeping questions, we answer those at no charge. Charging a consult fee to tell you how great we are is not cool. Ideal for dental offices with insurance dental bookkeeping collections more than $150,000 per month. Ideal for dental offices with insurance collections under $40,000 per month. It aids in the streamlining of your dental accounting operations while also contributing to the happiness of your patients.

  • So, outsourcing the accounting task to experts will help you to get better services.
  • The profitis computed after completing a profit and loss statement.
  • We’re here to make sure your business is in tip-top shape!
  • Your dental team can focus on dental work, rather than financials, which will improve your patients’ overall experience.
  • A common and costly mistake is to accidentally enter transactions from a previous period, which results in balance adjustments that don’t match the bank balance or financial reports.
  • Doing it yourself or hiring an in-house inexperienced bookkeeper can result in costly mistakes.

We provide you with reports and insights to help you grow a profitable practice and expand your business. At year end, we give your books to your tax accountant so they can file your taxes. As a dentist, you are an expert in providing dental care to your patients.

Fees are determined based on your average annual collections.

All your financial information – including historical data – will be at your fingertips and easier to share, available to view instantly without taking up any office space. It’s a modern way of working that will allow you to do things even better. Outsourcing your bookkeeping will free up your and your practice management team’s time, leaving you to focus on providing an efficient service and exceptional dentistry. Outsource to a specialist and you’ll see a return on your investment, because they will keep the business in good financial health, so it can run smoothly.

A proper tracking of this cost is essential to ensure that there is no unnecessary cost involved. A CPA is required if you are an expert with taxable income. The difficult part is finding the best candidates for the job. Dentists, doctors, chiropractors, optometrists, lawyers, and a wide range of other professionals face similar challenges. You can also use the data in these documents to create monthly financial reporting for your company. Most small businesses choose to close their books monthly.

The Time To Call Is Now

We collect your accounting information via an online form to begin your dental accounting and bookkeeping process. But, an office manager is not typically trained to handle the wide range of small business financial details like a professional bookkeeper or certified public accountant. An office manager who oversees bookkeeping cannot attend to administration like they were originally hired to do. A large part of the magic in Percentology’s bookkeeping service is how we do the bookkeeping special for comparing dental practice overhead with dental benchmarks.

dental bookkeeping services

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